Alexandria Lakes, Detroit Lakes, and Otter Tail County Resorts

map_alexThe corridor of Minnesota stretching from Alexandria to Detroit Lakes through Otter Tail County features thousands of lakes that have been providing quality vacations to city folk for generations. 

Dotted with small family-run resorts, the area is rich in history and lore.

Alexandria Lakes

Started back in 1858, the small town of Alexandria has adopted the motto "Easy to get to. Hard to leave." And that pretty well describes the resorts that call the area home. Vacationers here are loyal, and it's easy to see why with the vast range of experiences available to them, from homespun art classes at Westridge Shores to a full shooting sports experience at Long Lake Lodge.

Otter Tail County and Detroit Lakes

Otter Tail CountyOtter Tail County itself contains over 1,000 of Minnesota's 10,000-plus lakes. The bounty and diversity of water life here is too much to take in even with a lifetime of summer vacations.

And it doesn't hurt that the resort properties themselves are distinctive and historic. Xanadu Island, for example, was originally built as the island retreat of a wealthy St. Louis family descended from the J.P. Morgan banking empire. Bonnie Beach Resort began back in 1870 as Camp Corliss, a provide retreat built by Ebenezer E. Corliss, county attorney for Otter Tail County. Not to be outdone, East Silent Resort got its start as the vacation destination of a German pastor with a very large family.

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