East Silent Resort

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East Silent Resort first got into the hospitality gig when a German pastor, Charles Frederick Bublitz, bought the property in 1915, intending to turn the barn into a gathering place for family and friends. They were successful in that endeavor and built a few cabins to go along with it on the shores of East Silent Lake, a 310-acre, spring-fed lake with exceptional clarity—up to 27 feet. These days it's managed as a walleye lake.

The Bublitz family sold the place in 1956 and it went through a series of owners before the Leonard family bought it. The family works together to run the thoroughly-modernized resort that now features lake cabins, luxury vacation homes, and guest rooms and suites. Well, not too modern: the property is roamed by Nacho and Molly, a donkey and a Shetland respectively.


East Silent Resort

30424 410th Street

Dent, MN 56528

(800) 242-6904


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