Brainerd Lakes

map_brainerdThough the Mississippi River cuts through BrainerdBrainerd , the region is known as Brainerd Lakes because the Superior Lobe of the Laboradorian ice sheet was good enough to carve out 460 fishin' destinations within twenty-five miles of town. And where there's good fishin', the resorts will surely follow.

Year-round vacationers come to Campfire Bay Resort, thanks to their brilliant scrapbooking programs that keep the cabins rented out when the mercury plunges. Heath's Resort on Upper Whitefish Lake has been run by the Heath men since 1938 and has the fish stories to prove it. Agate Lake Resort is a little gem of a place, built in the 1940s, that has been saved from the hands of developers time and again by loving owners—and this is a very good thing for vacationers.

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