Special Interest

Environmental issues

Most resorts are on lakes in Minnesota, so it’s not too surprising that resort owners consider lakes their biggest asset and work diligently to protect them. Many resort owners spend extra money, voting with their wallet to preserve and protect their surroundings.

A case in point is Bill Heig at Bowen Lodge. He’s extremely proud of his septic system: he even takes interested guests out to the drain field to show them the elaborate arrangement with peat filtration containers built on a site that ensures all effluent drains away from the lake.




There's something intoxicating about the feeling of flying over snow on a powerful Minnesota-made machine: it's the winter version of motorcycling.


Resort Weddings


Resort wedding are becoming more and more popular. More resorts are hosting them and the number of weddings has nearly doubled in recent years. (photo from Long Lake Lodge)




A Perfect Winter Pasttime

Resorts need business in the wintertime, and scrapbookers need a place to go for a little peace and quiet.






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